Competitions - Rifle (Long Range Precision)

4 NRA National F-Class Records

1st Place 2008 International Sniper Competition (Service Class) Ft Benning, Ga

1st Place Spirit of America National Camaraderie Match (Ftr)

1st Place 2014 Raton NM Sporting Rifle Team Match

1st Place Raton NM Sporting Rifle Individual Match - 5 times

3rd Place 2011 USASOC (Us Army Special Operations Command) Sniper Competition

3rd Place 2010 Steel Safari

3rd Place 2013 ThunderBeast Team Challenge (Rifle & Carbine)

3rd Place 2012 ThunderBeast Team Challenge (Rifle & Carbine)

4th Place 2012 Snipers Hide Cup (National Match)

4th Place 2011 ThunderBeast Team Challenge (Rifle & Carbine)

5th Place 2010 USASOC (Us Army Special Operations Command) Sniper Competition

5th Place 2014 Steel Safari

5th Place 2014 Steel Safari

7th Place 2012 Steel Safari

7th Place 2014 Rocky Mountain Steel Quest

8th Place 2013 Steel Safari

10 Times, Top 3 Finishes, Raton NM Sporting Rifle Match

Competitions - Carbine

1st Place Mixed Team Police and Military 3 Gun

5 Time Top 3 Finishes, Pueblo CO Tactical Rifle

Competitions - Pistol

4 Distinguished Leg Points Pistol

6 Times, Top 3 Finishes, Steel Challenge Pistol Matches



8 Years Active Duty Special Forces

SOTIC (Special Operations Target Interdiction Course) Level I Graduate

2 SOF (Special Operations Forces) Combat Deployments Iraq

1 RA (Regular Army) Deployment Afghanistan

3 Years SOTIC Level I and II Instructor

10 Years Junior 4 Position Small Bore



Special Forces Qualification Course

SOTIC Level 1

Accuracy First Instructor Course

Viking Tactical Shooting School

Valahala Shooting School

2 X SFAUC (Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat)