Our rifle courses are field courses for the real world precision shooter. These comprehensive hands-on field classes are designed to teach shooters how to engage long range targets in any situation or environment. They are designed to bring all levels of shooters to the next level by continually challenging and coaching them in a constantly changing field environment.

  • Students will have the opportunity to exercise their ranging, wind reading, and shooting in a constantly changing natural environment

  • Students will shoot while being observed, receive coaching, and then reshoot to reinforce the coaching

  • Designed to challenge all levels of shooters and redefine your comfort zone

As successful competitors, snipers, and instructors, we have developed courses to meet the requirements of all levels of shooter--from the beginner to the national level competitor to the Special Operations sniper. We are professionals training professionals. Read more about what is covered in our Level 1Level 2, and Level 3 courses.

Our approach is to evaluate and systematically build the shooter’s skills in a logical building progression. We address shooting from a 3-point prospective:

  • The shooters physical ability to accurately fire his/her weapon; we address shooting from the ground up, from the basic fundamentals to the finer points as an advanced skill. This includes setting up an ergonomically correct rifle in order to build a solid, stable, and durable shooting position even in austere conditions. Most real life shots aren’t taken from the prone position! 

  • Data Management: teaching students how to best obtain a good repeatable zero and efficiently collect the most accurate and reliable data possible. We teach how to construct an extremely accurate, reliable and easy-to-use data management system for every environmental condition. No shot should ever be missed due to a bad elevation correction.

  • Correcting for the environment: we begin by first teaching students the science of correcting for the wind and other environmental factors--but this is only the beginning. Throughout the remainder of the course, students will receive ongoing expert coaching (individually and as a group) on the art of truly reading the wind. This is where our low student to teacher ration pays off exponentially. We improve our students by constantly changing firing points/direction of fire. This challenge and reinforcement cycle helps build a well-rounded, capable, and mature shooter.

Our past and current students include:

  • 10th Special Forces Group (A) (current)

  • Denver SWAT Sniper Team (current)

  • Steiner Burris Optics

  • Civilian Students (current)

  • PRS, NRL and CD competitors

  • 4th Infantry Division snipers and designated marksmen

  • DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)

  • Iraqi Special Forces (ISOF)

  • Iraqi Emergency Response Brigade (ERB)

  • Romanian Special Forces

  • Senegalese Special Forces and Secret Service

  • Jordanian Special Forces