Welcome to Colorado Precision Rifle, our goal is to provide the most cutting edge and highest quality products and instruction. As instructors and competitors we have fired and closely observed hundreds of thousands of rounds of precision rifle fire. We use this experience in our selection of products and pass this knowledge on to you. We only sell what we have tested, used, and believe in.

"Complete Training & Proven Equipment" - It's more than a slogan, or a catch phrase. It's the simplest description of our business we could think of! We want to emphasize two aspects of our business in this motto, the training we offer, and the equipment we sell.

Complete Training - You probably already know a dozen firearm instructors looking for your business... so what makes us different? We not only focus on customized training to your particular needs, but we only teach courses which we are experts on (primarily Long Range Precision Rifle). Additionally, we teach a "Complete" curriculum that encompasses the topic of interest. By starting with fundamentals and advancing to more complex topics, you will learn much more than the main topics advertised with a given course. Aside from the defined course topics, most of students enjoy chatting with us between sessions (or before or after the class) and learn from our experiences. See "Our Background" for more information on our experience.

Proven Equipment - Although our primary love of the business is Training, we have quickly realized that other shooters are always interested the equipment we use, and why we use it. This is why we opened up the retail sales side of our business; to allow our students, Mil/LEO, competitors, and fellow enthusiasts, to have a store that sells equipment that you can depend on. We carefully chose the word "Proven" to describe our equipment offering as we have tested and used nearly every product we sell. In some cases, these products have seen heavy military service, constant competition abuse, and loaner/demo use tested by some of our best testers (our students). We'd be happy to discuss your particular equipment needs and help you out (even if we don't sell what is best for you).

About our Founders

Mr. Brian Whalen (Training Lead) - Brian is an accomplished U.S. Army Veteran Sniper & Sniper Instructor. Brian has served 8 years as an Active Duty Special Forces Operator. He has graduated as a Level I student from the coveted SOTIC (Special Operations Target Interdiction Course), and he later served 3 years as a Level I & II US Army Special Forces Sniper Instructor. Brian has taught as a Long Range & Sniper Instructor in multiple Countries and on four Continents. Brian has enjoyed some recognition as an award winning Long Range Competition Shooter as well.

Mr. Ron Fish (Equipment & Sales Lead) - Ron’s shooting background is both recreational and competitive. Although always interested in various firearms and shooting disciplines, Ron started Long Range competitive shooting just 5 years ago. Don’t let this limited time in the Long Range sport fool you; he is a well accomplished competitive shooter and enjoys sharing tips and helping new shooters get up to speed while having fun! Ron is highly respected within the long range community and is consistently a top placing shooter at any competition that he attends. As a Sr. Engineer and former College Professor by trade, Ron brings a technical level of understanding that is easily conveyed to fit each student’s learning style.