Level 3 - 12-14 April 2019; BLUE STEEL RANCH, LOGAN NM

Level 3 - 12-14 April 2019; BLUE STEEL RANCH, LOGAN NM


The LVL3 courses are deigned to take the shooter with a solid foundation and moderate to advanced skills to the next level. The entire 3 days will be spent in the field and is largely scenario-driven.

Topics stressed during this course:

  • Advanced wind correction techniques on changing courses of fire

  • Advanced positional shooting for both natural and barrier shooting

  • Equipment shake-out and streamlining   

  • Efficiency coaching     

  • Competition preparation

  • Advanced time management and speed shooting                                           


  • Self-sufficiency with both zeroing and ballistic data management

  • Ability to engage five known-distance targets in two minutes

  • Baseline understanding of wind indicators and correction

Physical difficulty level: Low to Moderate

 Equipment Requirements:

  • Notebook, calculator, pens and or pencils

  • 300 rounds of match grade ammunition capable of producing 1MOA or better accuracy (you may bring more is you desire but this is the projected minimum)

  • Zeroed weapon - Zeroes will be checked before the course can progress. If you don’t know how to zero, no worries! We will teach you.

  • Bolt Action or Semi-Auto Rifle capable of 1MOA or better accuracy. Recommended calibers between .223 and .338 with a maximum muzzle velocity of 3200 ft/s

  • Rifle scope with subtended reticle and target turrets.

  • Bipod and sand sock (loaner sand socks are available during the course)

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Ruck sack capable of holding all shooting equipment, lunch, clothing and incidentals.

  • Some rental equipment will be available, but please coordinate this with us prior to the first day of training. Equipment available includes, but is not limited to: rifles, scopes, slings, ammunition, bipods, sand socks, and ruck sacks.

  • Recommended: Class will be held in field conditions so plan and be prepared for the unpredictable weather. Suggested packing list includes, but is not limited to: Shooting sticks or equivalent, sun screen, water, food, gloves, layered clothing, baseball or boonie cap, rain gear, knee and elbow pads, etc. Seating is limited & capped based on first come, first serve via website enrollments.


  • COST:   $995   

  • Questions or Comments? Email training@cprifle.com or call (910) 257-0848

  • DATES: Calendar     

  • LOCATION:   Blue Steel Ranch, Logan NM (students will be sent directions prior to the course)

 * Tuition INCLUDES all range fees and  instruction

O-site housing is available for training at the Blue Steel Ranch (Logan, NM) Bunk House for $200 per shooter for the duration of the 3 day class (Thursday 6PM through 5PM Sunday). If you are interested in staying at the bunk house, please coordinate this with us prior to training. Email training@cprifle.com or 910-257-0848.

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