The LVL1 course is designed to give all shooters (whether completely novice shooters or fairly experienced shooters with no formal training) an exceptionally solid foundation. With experience as a Special Forces Operator, we've always said that being a true professional means being exceedingly and consistently good at the basics--all the basics. For example, it’s quite common to meet a top level shooter who doesn’t truly understand how to properly set up an ergonomically correct rifle, even though rifle setup is a baseline skill. It's as fundamental as zeroing and data collection--if the foundation is skewed, everything built upon it is flawed. This is just one example of the skills that you’ll learn in our LVL1 course.

Topics stressed during this LVL1 course

  • Setting up an Ergonomically Correct Rifle

  • Optics selection, setup, function and use  

  • Fundamentals of Ballistics, Ballistic software, data collection and external ballistics

  • Rifle zero procedure and zeroing

  • Building a data card out to 1K

  • Basic precision shooting positions

  • Basic wind doping in the natural environment

  • Correcting for environmentals (barometric, temperature and humidity changes)

  • Reticle holdover vs. dialing techniques

  • Proper lasing of targets

  • Target detection and target transitioning

Prerequisites: None.

Physical difficulty level: Low

 Equipment Requirements;

  • Notebook, calculator, pens and or pencils

  • 300 rounds of match grade ammunition capable of producing 1MOA or better accuracy     (you may bring more is you desire but this is the projected minimum)

  • Zeroed weapon - Zero’s will be checked before course can progress. If you don’t know how to zero, no worries, we will teach you.

  • Bolt Action or Semi Auto Rifle capable of 1MOA or better accuracy. Recommended calibers between .223 and .338 with a maximum muzzle velocity of 3200 ft/s

  • Rifle scope with subtended reticle and target turrets.

  • Bipod and sand sock (loaner sand socks are available during the course)

  • Eye and ear protection.

  • Ruck sack capable of holding all shooting equipment, lunch, clothing and incidentals.

  • Some rental equipment will be available but please coordinate this with us prior to the first day of training. Equipment available includes but is not limited to: rifles, scopes, slings, ammunition, bipods, sand socks, and ruck sacks.

  • Recommended: Class will be held in field conditions so plan and be prepared for the unpredictable weather. Suggested packing list includes, but is not limited to: Shooting sticks or equivalent, sun screen, water, food, gloves, layered clothing, baseball or boonie cap, rain gear, knee and elbow pads, etc. Seating is limited & capped; based on a first come first served basis via website enrollments


  • COST:   $995   

  • Questions or Comments;  Email: training@cprifle.com     Phone:   (910) 257-0848

  • DATES: See drop down at the top of the screen       

  • LOCATION:   Blue Steel Ranch, Logan NM (students will be sent directions prior to the course)

 * Tuition INCLUDES all range fees and  instruction

Onsite housing is available for training at the Blue Steel Ranch (Logan, NM) Bunk House for $200 per shooter for the duration of the 3 day class (Thursday 6PM through 5PM Sunday). If you are interested in staying at the bunk house please coordinate this with us prior to training. Email training@cprifle.com or 910-257-0848.

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