Carbine Marksman

Carbine Marksman


This course is designed to improve the shooter's overall practical marksmanship capabilities from mid-range out to 750 yards with a competition or duty carbine. Valuable training for 3-Gun competitors, police or military, this course makes full use of the BSR training facility's unique terrain and facilities. Training subjects include:

  • Wind management

  • Time pressure and efficiency

  • Natural terrain positional shooting (i.e., shooting in, around and off trees, rocks, etc.)

  • Braced and barrier shooting

  • Accuracy at distances from 50 to 750 yards

  • Reticle holdovers

  • Data management

Carbine Marksman is not a typical broad-spectrum 3-Gun shooting course. Rather, it is training designed around hitting small mid-range to appropriately sized long-range targets out to 750 yards. The focus is on sharpening real-world shooting, not rehearsals or gamesmanship. The goal is to make you more confident and reliable with your carbine at distance. The applications for these skills are various, but we fully intend to take you out of your comfort zone.

This course is structured with an optional half day on Friday prior to the beginning of the course. This half day is specifically for gear setup and zeroing. Rifles and shooters must be 100% zeroed and ready to shoot on Saturday morning, so if you are using a loner rifle or are at all new to your rifle or optic, this extra half day will be invaluable.

  • Minimum caliber: .223/5.56 precision rifle

  • Maximum caliber: .300 Win mag or equivalent

  • Recommended caliber: .223 with long-range match ammunition such as 77gr.

  • Approximate round count: 600 rds.

  • Notebook, calculator, pens and or pencils

  • Eye and ear protection.

  • Ruck sack capable of holding all shooting equipment, lunch, clothing and incidentals.

  • Some rental equipment will be available but please coordinate this with us prior to the first day of training. Equipment available includes but is not limited to: rifles, scopes, slings, ammunition, bipods, sand socks, and ruck sacks.

  • Recommended: Class will be held in field conditions so plan and be prepared for the unpredictable weather. Suggested packing list includes, but is not limited to: Shooting sticks or equivalent, sun screen, water, food, gloves, layered clothing, baseball or boonie cap, rain gear, knee and elbow pads, etc. Seating is limited & capped; based on a first come first served basis via website enrollments

  • Types of firearms allowed: Semi-automatic or magazine-fed bolt rifle

  • Optics required: Magnifying optic capable of identifying and engaging targets at up to 750 yards. We recommend a variable power 1-5x, 1-8x or ACOG-type optic with subtended or BDC-type reticle. Optic selection must be provided at time of sign-up.

  • Physical difficulty level: Mild to Moderate. Expect to hike up to 2 miles in natural terrain with a light pack and carbine with short sprints during stages.

  • Loaner rifles and ammo for purchase are available with notice. 

Prerequisites: None.


  • Tuition: $695 (Sat/Sun) / $850 (Fri/Sat/Sun) USD (plus applicable state and local taxes)

  • Lodging: $100 for lodging in the on-site BSR bunkhouse (Friday PM through Sunday AM)

  • Class size: 12 student limit

  • Schedule: Saturday-Sunday (8am - 5pm)

  • Questions or Comments;  Email:     Phone:   (910) 257-0848

  • DATES: See drop down at the top of the screen       

  • LOCATION:   Blue Steel Ranch, Logan NM (students will be sent directions prior to the course)

 * Tuition INCLUDES all range fees and  instruction

Onsite housing is available for training at the Blue Steel Ranch (Logan, NM) Bunk House for $100 per shooter for the duration of the 3 day class (Thursday 6PM through 5PM Sunday). If you are interested in staying at the bunk house please coordinate this with us prior to training. Email or 910-257-0848.

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